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Graphite Crucible


Foundry Chemic.


Non-ferrous casting industry with nearly 20 years of experience we are serving . Major Aluminium, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold smelters are serving. Giving directions to the owners of dissolving metal foundries, foundry consumable materials valued offer.

Our main goal foundry owners the quality of the casting, smooth, uninterrupted format to do is provide. Therefore, gas, electricity, fuel oil are starting to make working with gas stove. Able to supply turnkey systems. In addition to these supplies Crucible, Flux , Borax , Graffiti, Brick, Mould Oil , Resin Sand Mold , etc. . we provide.

We are in Turkey and worldwide leader in providing high-quality graphite suppliers as one of the competitive graphite crucible , graphite crucible and materials to produce high-quality carbon and graphite composites, formed graphite parts delivery. Industrial bucket needs, such as mold release products offered for sale casting accessories, chemicals, metals, graphite cast iron crucibles, refractory bricks, sand core production foundries. Our goal is to pursue excellence and perfection to produce. We offer competitive prices to offer competitive quality and competitive services to succeed.

We meet the demands of production and processing of our expertise and advanced technology into the world 's best option for every type of hardware can provide hope. We are due to our high quality graphite crucible and graphite parts with professional services at very competitive prices, wide product knowledge and technical expertise of resources can save a lot and improve business productivity and greater customer needs can help meet believe. your customers .

Mould Release

Fire Bricks

Shell Sands

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